At West Rome, we seek to pursue the truth of the Bible. What we believe is critical to how we approach life.

We are a community of Christ-followers who believe that Church is about every Christ-follower uniquely gifted and powerfully equipped to grow in dynamic relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ as we live together to bring glory to God.

West Rome Baptist Church exists to join with God in transforming people into growing followers of Jesus Christ who go into all the world with the gospel for God’s glory.

We are motivated by the love of God to live as God’s ambassadors to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ and to apply the life-transforming and sufficient Word of God to all of life.

  1. The absolute authority and trustworthiness of the Word of God.
  2. The passionate worship of Jesus Christ our God.
  3. Sharing the gospel of Christ with loving boldness.
  4. Discipleship and Prayer resulting in full devotion to Christ as normal for every believer.
  5. Small Group ministry as a primary platform for spiritual maturity and ministry.
  6. The development of spiritual leadership.
  7. Strong families who are centered on Christ and His Word.
  8. Grace orientation of God’s truth.
  9. Being culturally relevant and doctrinally sound.
  10. Ministry excellence is our desire to seek and bring glory to God.

How do we accomplish our mission?


To truly know the Lord is to truly love the Lord. Therefore, we make it our aim to whole-heartedly worship the Lord in spirit and truth.


Spiritual growth in our relationship with Christ is a non-negotiable and life-long journey. Therefore, we aim to make our church a place to grow in the Lord.


Christ-followers need community. Therefore, we seek to provide
environments to connect and find encouragement and accountability in vital relationships with other believers.


Every Christ-follower is uniquely gifted in Christ. Therefore, we make it our aim to equip believers and to see every member serving in the community of faith.


Every Christ-follower is called to go and make other Christ-followers. Therefore, we equip in order to send believers into the community and around the world on mission for Christ.


Live at 10:15am | Available on YouTube

Sunday School every Sunday at 9am