What We Believe About: Salvation

Section IX

We believe that salvation from the penalty and power of sin is provided only through the blood of Jesus Christ, which He shed on the cross when He was made to be sin for us and died in our place. Salvation is totally based upon God’s sovereign choice and there is nothing anyone can do to attain this salvation through good works, moral achievement, or religious status. We believe the only condition for salvation is personal repentance from sin and submission in faith to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of one’s life. Thus each individual has a responsibility by his or her own free will to come to Christ for salvation. (The Scriptures teach God’s sovereignty is total and absolute in salvation, but within this sovereignty the Scriptures teach that each individual has a free will. God perfectly brings these two truths into perfect harmony).

We believe at the time of salvation, a person is spiritually regenerated by the Holy Spirit; sins are forgiven, the individual is declared justified as God’s righteousness is imputed, is delivered from condemnation and receives eternal life. This salvation is complete and a present possession for all true believers which remains theirs forever. All who have been born again are kept secure, persevering in their faith, and will never lose their salvationAs a result of this salvation we are individual priests standing before God through Christ alone.

Supporting Scriptures

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