What We Believe About: Contemporary Issues – Marriage

Section XIII

Marriage is a Biblical institution established by God as described by Scripture. We believe that Biblical marriage can only occur between one man and one woman who were biologically designed this way from birth. This church recognizes that marriage is the uniting of one man and one woman in a covenant commitment for a lifetime.

Accordingly, this church, its pastors, staff, and members will not participate in same-sex unions or same-sex marriages, nor in any marriage where both male and female were not born biologically so, nor shall its property or resources be used for such purposes.
This church will not allow non-members, non-attendees, members, attendees, or outsiders to rent and/or use any of the facilities for same sex weddings and/or any civil ceremonies or celebrations of any kind related to any marriage except for one man and one woman who were born that way biologically from birth. 
If the civil government ever legally forces clergy to perform same sex weddings then all clergy in this congregation will opt out of performing civil ceremonies and will only perform biblically based “covenant ceremonies” that bless the union between one man and one woman as biologically defined by their natural birth. 
The Bible teaches that legitimate sexual relations are exercised solely within marriage. Hence, this church opposes all forms of sexual immorality, including but not limited to adultery, extramarital behavior, premarital sexual relationships, homosexual behavior, and pornography. These positions are consistent with Scripture and could require the implementation of article IX of this Constitution.


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