An honorable life lived by the truth keeps the conscience clean. In our text today we learn that, 

An honorable life is coupled with a good conscience and a good conscience is fuel for enduring unjust suffering. How does an honorable life result in a good conscience before God?

A Missional Marriage

In the context 1 Peter 3:1-7, Peter is specifically addressing situations where one spouse is a believer and the other isn’t. The beautiful, exemplary life of a believing spouse will communicate the worthiness and beauty of Jesus on the mission field of the home.How exactly does this happen?

Gospel-Centered Honorable Living

How do believers, knowing our standing of 1 Peter 2:9, live a beautiful (honorable) life that proclaims the excellencies of Christ in our words and our walk while living in this broken place?  

The answer is bound up in a concept that is largely rejected in our day and age – in the culture, in the workplace, in the family, and in the church house. We live in submission.

A Special People with A Special Purpose

In our study of 1 Peter, we believers are seeing our new identity with Jesus. When Christ won, we won. Because Christ is the Son of God and we are in Christ, we are members of the same family (1:22-2:3). We experience the same birth. We express the same love. We enjoy the same nourishment in the Word of God. We are stones in the same building (2:4-8). We are priests in the same temple (2:5, 9). We are citizens of the same nation (2:9-10).